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Hijrah to the Islamic Way of Managing Your Finance

jannah“Wondered about how your home in Jannah would look like?

Ask first, if the roof over your head is financed or purchased the halal way!”

“Are you tired of not being able to build up your savings enough to go for a trip to Makkah and Madinah?

Understand the basic Shariah requirements for deposit products to help you make better decisions with respect to your savings!

The more barakah the better!”

“Do you feel that sometimes, you just don’t really get what’s the difference between Islamic finance and non-Islamic finance, what’s all the big fuss?

And why, as a Muslim, Islamic finance is your only choice?”

Hijrah to the Islamic Way of Managing Your Finance

“In sha Allah, Al Naqiy Islamic Solutions Sdn Bhd will help to shed some clarity on the matters above in our series of Saturday lectures that will be premised mainly on familial and personal finances, the Islamic way.

The topics selected aim to create basic understanding of Islamic finance or halal financing.

The topics will be presented by Al Naqiy’s in house Shariah consultants and guest speakers.”

Hijrah to the Islamic Way of Managing Your Finance

Photo: eaalim.com & alnaqiy.com.

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  • zool November 16, 2013, 8:11 pm

    great .. islamic way is the best

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