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Islamic Finance, For The Benefit Of All

“For Muslims, Islamic finance has entered mainstream consciousness. It is built on principles that reflect their faith. Most Islamic contracts are universally and generally accepted as being Shariah-compliant. Growth rates should be strong in the near future.

For non-Muslims, Islamic finance provides an increasingly viable alternative for various – although not all – areas of finance. Whether Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, non-Muslims find the underlying principles of Islamic finance appealing and economically feasible.” – Islamic Finance Why It Makes Sense, page 273.

Islamic Finance, For The Benefit Of All

Alhamdulillah, I just finished reading the book above (Islamic Finance Why It Makes Sense, by Daud Vicary Abdullah and Keon Chee). May Allah give me strength and patience to keep going in Islamic finance industry. Ameen.

Islamic finance, for the benefit of all. Insha-Allah.

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