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Balance Sheet of Life

Birth is your Opening Stock. What comes to you is Credit. What goes from you is Debit. Your ideas are your Assets. Your bad habits are your Liabilities. Your character is your Capital. Your happiness is your Profit. Your sorrow is your Loss. Your knowledge is your Investment. Your age is your Depreciation. Death is your Closing Stock. And finally: GOD IS YOUR AUDITOR. Always endeavor to have a perfect… Read More »Balance Sheet of Life

Age Is Not A Problem When It Comes To Investing In Knowledge


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Every year, Malaysians eagerly await the presentation of the national budget. They are looking forward to some good news or at least something small that will increase their quality of life.

On 23 October 2015, the budget for year 2016 took place. The Budget witnessed an increase in the expenditure to RM267.2 billion compared with RM260.7 billion in 2015. It was aimed to ‘has something for everyone’ while ensuring sustainable growth in the face of volatile global economic conditions.

The theme for the Budget entitled ‘Prospering The Rakyat’ outlined 5 priorities with one of them being to empower the human capital by strengthening Malaysia’s education sector.Read More »Age Is Not A Problem When It Comes To Investing In Knowledge