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Rules for taking stock market losses: “The first step is to accept that stock market losses are inevitable. They cannot be avoided but they can be managed and minimized. Investors must be mentally prepared to take losses as necessary without procrastinating, rationalizing or bending their own selling / loss cutting rules.” – Slav Fedorov My Teacher and Me 14 Picture: flickr (GotCredit)

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“Always put yourself in client’s shoes. If you feel that losing money hurts you, it probably hurts the client too.” My Teacher and Me 13

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A portfolio needs to be managed and reviewed from time to time. As the old saying goes, “Take care of your money and it will in turn take care of you.” – quoted from retirehappy [dot[ ca Picture from Google image My Teacher and Me 12

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“Don’t worry if we make mistakes, because we can learn from our mistakes. But be worried if we keep repeating the same mistakes.” “We can’t beat the system, but we can control ourselves. May the forces be with us.” My Teacher and Me 11 Photo: chaitanyajosen [dot] com

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Investing in stock market is exciting if you don’t lose your integrity in the process. Money will come and go. But integrity is forever. My Teacher and Me 9